Improve Visibility When Driving in Winter

Driving in Winter


Driving requires total concentration at all times, but driving in winter requires a special level of focus, organisation and preparation due to the unpredictability of the weather, the surface and the vehicles on it. This article will look at the steps you need to take to ensure you are as visible and safe as possible on the roads.



As it gets dark earlier and fog descends on the roads, it is important that your headlights are in use and they will be in use a lot, so your battery needs to be fully charged. As well as your headlights, your heating will be on too, and this will be quite a lot of work for the battery, so check the level of power before you set off on your journey.



The obvious check for your headlights would be to check that the bulbs are working as they should be and can reach the necessary level of brightness that they require. However, one other inspection you should make is to see if they are clean – dirt can affect the strength of your beams and mean your visibility is diminished, so you may struggle to see in front of you and other drivers may struggle to see you.



Ensure that your windscreen is clean of dirt and marks, as these can hamper your vision and provide you with blind spots that you do not need. If your windscreen is particularly dirty, it might be because your wiper blades have become dulled and therefore are now working ineffectively. Check them over and have them replaced by a professional if you find that they are no longer in the best condition. As well as the wiper blade condition, very cold temperatures may freeze them in place if they are not left in the park position when you are not using your vehicle.


Cleaning Fluid

Make sure you top up your windscreen cleaning fluid before you leave on any journey, as if it is raining or snowing you will need to be using your wipers a lot to keep your windscreen clean! Check before every journey, particularly longer ones, to ensure that you have enough fluid to use when you need it.


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