Why Trust Your Local Garage

There are many reasons why using your local garage makes sense, not the least being convenience. It’s a fact of life, that a few ‘bad apples’ will always cause problems for any service industry, and unfortunately, this is also true for garages. The fact that it is easier to write negatives about an industry rather than focus on positives is an indictment on the society we live in, rather than the motor trade’s reputation, in general. So with all of the bad press, why should we trust our local garage? Here are several mythbusters:

Going local builds up trust

The concept of having a local garage that you can take your vehicle to when it goes wrong or needs servicing, means that you are developing a relationship. As with any relationship, this is based on trust and works two ways. Having taken your car for years to one mechanic will often mean that you get preferential treatment, and if you have an emergency you will be put at the top of the list. The garage also gets to know your vehicle, which makes staff more likely to resolve a problem quickly.


Cars these days are incredibly complex machines. If a local garage does not do a good job, then the word would soon get around, and it would be out of business. As well as being able to diagnose and repair a fault, your local garage will also try to identify the reason why it occurred. It is not worth ‘bodging’ a job, because a local garage survives on repeat business and wants you as a client not only to come back, but also spread the word on how well you have been treated.

Your local garage will treat every vehicle with respect, even if it is an old ‘banger’. They will use seat covers in the cabin to protect it from dirt, and floor mats, on a test drive. Just because a garage is local doesn’t mean that the level of expertise will not be high. Most garages will take the time to explain what they have done and why they have done it, which means a lot if you are a car owner.

friendly service

The price you are charged

When your car has been diagnosed to have a problem, then the price you are charged to solve the problem is not magically plucked from the air. By using AutoData repair times the garage can work out accurately what time each automobile company recommends is needed to complete a job. For example, if Ford think that it takes an hour to change the alternator in a Fiesta, then you will be charged this for labour, plus the cost of the part.

By building up a relationship with your local garage, you can rest assured that you will receive a quality service. Often if a job is small and takes a couple of minutes, you probably won’t even need to pay. The garage needs to ensure that you keep coming back, so for them it makes sense to have a good customer service record.

Don’t be a faceless name on an invoice, because you can enjoy first-class service with your local garage and become a valued customer.


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