It’s a well-known fact that cars aren’t great for the environment. They release harmful emissions, polluting the air and posing a threat to our health. But now, there is something we can do about it to make a change, and not only for the environment.

TerraClean uses new technology to successfully de-carbonise the fuel system of a vehicle. The engine is left to run off a cleaner fuel, rather than the petrol or diesel from the fuel tank, which completely cleanses the engine, removing any carbon deposits that build up over time and have a detrimental effect on the running of your vehicle.

Once the fuel has gone through your cars system, your vehicle runs more efficiently, lowering the emissions and enhancing the overall driving experience. Not only will it improve your carbon footprint, it’ll improve the miles per gallon, saving you money!

So if you’d like to give your engine a spring clean, we carry out an engine cleaning service here at K&M Autocentre in Nottingham. Whether it’s a motorcycle, car, van, truck, boat or agricultural vehicle, simply get in touch with us today to begin your engine cleaning.

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